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Configuring BDLCAM to work with Active Webcam

First of all you will need to download and install Active WebCam from PY Software

I have only just started looking at Active Webcam, but it looks promising and cheaper than iVista.

I do however have a couple of concerns or questions about Active WebCam

  1. I was unable to establish what the exact differences were between the versions ranging from $19-$79. The way I read it, the following example should work on the $19 version, but I am waiting for PY Software to confirm.
  2. While the program is running there is disk activity every second or so. This does not happen with iVista and again I have asked PY Software to comment.

Active Webcam has two methods of publishing (HTTP stream or FTP)
I use Web cam HTTP Servers method
Select the port you wish to use (The default is 8080 which should be fine assuming you are not using that for something else)

Now back to BDLCAM. For each camera type you will find a HTM template file in the bdlhome\http folder


Edit the appropriate file using notepad

Towards the bottom of the file you will see a section starting with "<applet" and ending with "</applet>". The above example is for iVista, but to change for Active Webcam just replace that section with the following.

<applet codebase= CODE="WebCam_Viewer.class" WIDTH=352 HEIGHT=260
ALT="Your browser isn't running the applet &lt;APPLET&gt; tag, for some reason. Probably you need to install Java Virtual Machine at">
Browser ignoring &lt;APPLET&gt; tag. See <a href=""></a> active webcam FAQs. Probably you need to install Java Virtual Machine at
<PARAM NAME="IMAGE" VALUE="capture0.jpg">
<param name="BORDER" value="OFF">

The only bits you need to change are the sections shown in red above.

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